About us

Food Intolerance Diagnostics is an international medical enterprise seeking to provide information and diagnostic services to individuals with adverse reactions to food.

About us

Our long-standing professional engagement in gastroenterology, nutrition and pain medicine allows us to be uniquely active in translational research relating to adverse, as well as specific beneficial effects of food.

We apply this knowledge base to our clinical practice, translational and clinical research, as well as consulting and product development in the food and drink industry.

The purpose of this website is to assist individuals with adverse events to food to identify the cause of their symptoms and thereby find a suitable and effective treatment. Most of these individuals will have received a descriptive diagnosis, such as irritable bowel syndrome or functional dyspepsia, often combined with a range of extra-gastrointestinal syndromes.

Beneficial effects of food

Importance of expertise in food intolerances

Causes of chocolate intolerance

Causes of cereal intolerances

Mast cell activation syndrome; histamine intolerance

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